simply in harmony

The Conero Azzurro,

immersed in a luxurious and dense vegetation, has always paid great attention to integrating its spaces with the surrounding environment. The “Borgo” (village) is located within the Mount Conero Natural Park, and extends over a 50,000 square metre area; the Village features a fine-pebble beach with a 150 metre beachfront, which can be accessed directly from the Village, thanks to an exclusive path. From the Beach Bar to the Restaurant with its panoramic terrace, from the “Bottega” to the Convenience “Market”, via the Vin Café, from the Central Square to the Meeting Hall, from the Cottages (entirely built in wood) to accommodation in our comfortable Bungalows: these are the elements which characterize our “Borgo”, inherited from the nearby towns, ideal examples of the kind soul of the Marches’ territories.

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The reserved sobriety of an architectonic style based on innovative living standards and concepts, the elegant warmth of our accommodation solutions, decorated by vast green areas and rich botanical gardens, low walls, dim atmospheric lighting solutions, gravel paths: these are the elements which characterize the unique and discrete design of our offers.

Life in our Village is enriched by meetings and numerous experiences, from morning workouts to thematic evenings and events spent in the company of other guests. We guarantee entertainment for your whole family, thanks to our mini-club and sporting activities suitable for all age groups, in our swimming pool or on our tennis courts and soccer fields.

The sea and rural presences.

The low and articulated volumes of our accommodation units, enriched by clear chromatic lines and recognizable elements inspired by the genuine tradition of countryside cottages, were chosen to ensure perfect integration within the landscape dominating our territory, all the way from the hills to the seaside. Each path and each corner of the buildings tell a particular story made of memories and perfumes from this special area.

The use of mainly natural materials, such as wood and stone, testifies our respect for the environment: we aim to safeguard its preciousness, by maintaining the charm of this territory, so rich in terms of art and culture, unaltered.


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